Asha Bhagat

Asha Bhagat began experiencing strange symptoms at the age of 50 including extremely sensitive teeth, breathing difficulty, and loss of balance. Her doctors were relatively unconcerned and unaware of the cause of her symptoms. A dentist had removed her teeth at the age of 50 and replaced them with dentures as a solution to her sensitive teeth. Her other symptoms were dismissed by doctors as symptoms of aging.

Her family was shocked when she was diagnosed with a neurological disease at the age of 61, there being no incidence of neural disease in the family. The doctors said that the disease would progress rapidly and her body would decline quickly. She soon lost her ability to walk and this was followed by speech impairment. Over the next few years, she struggled to do simple tasks such as eating and passed away at the age of 67.

Asha Bhagat with husband Hari Dev Bhagat

Asha Bhagat with her
husband Hari Dev Bhagat

Knowledge of nutrition

Asha was a vegetarian who was very knowledgeable in nutrition and had followed nutrition diligently from her young age. However, the nutrition theories she had learnt and practiced in her younger years were replaced by the flawed theories of the 1980s and 1990s, which taught that certain fats such as omega-6 should be cutback from diets. After Asha’s death, it became clear that she had a lipid imbalance and, in particular, an extreme deficiency of omega-6 due to the teachings of the time.

Asha’s daughter, Urvashi Bhagat, was captivated by her mother’s passion and knowledge of nutrition when she was a child, and was aggrieved by her mother’s later battle with neural disease. Urvashi Bhagat has dedicated her life’s work to discovering the true nutritional needs of different groups of people in order to help them avoid debilitating diseases such as Asha’s. Asha Bhagat is the inspiration for this company and her memory lives on as we build our future of health and vitality.