Our leadership team is a composite of exceptional business and scientific talent. We contemplate, we plan, we persevere, and we motivate. We are aware of our challenges, but the motivation to create value for our customers, investors, and future keeps us steadfast on our path.


Board of Directors

Our board is committed to building a cutting edge wellness company. It brings together our top leaders to focus on major financial, strategic and operational decisions for the company.


Board of Scientific Advisors

We have gathered an exceptional team of medical and scientific thought leaders who are committed to prevention. They complement each other in area of scientific and medical expertise and they are thought leaders in prominent geographies to support our global vision.



We manage with agility and perseverance. We capitalize on opportunities to advance our business by increasing support for successful new products, forging key partnerships, entering into co-promotion and licensing agreements, investing in new technologies to add value to our core product offerings, and acquiring new customers.


Our Champions

We are touched and inspired by those who support our vision in many different ways. These are volunteers who gave us their valuable time and businesses that supported our early-stage efforts. They include our investors who support our vision and us.