Our Vision

The cost of health care has become so high that we must shift our thinking from treating diseases to preventing disease. Chronic conditions account for over 75% of the $2.8 trillion dollars spent on health care in the US. About 1 in 2 adults live with at least 1 chronic illness, and many experience significant limitations in daily activities1. In the US, we pay significantly more ($750 billion, or 27%) for health care per capita than other developed countries2.

At Asha Nutrition Sciences, we envision a world in which people are healthy and rarely need medical intervention. We believe people should be able to understand their nutritional needs and improve their physiology, including immune function, so that diseases cannot progress. This will not only vastly improve quality of life; but also relieve scarce resources currently spent on health care for the pursuit of continuous improvement of life and our environment.

Research shows that people are engaged and motivated to improve their health and prevent illnesses via nutrition, but they do not have the right tools because of the complexity and because of the way the nutrition system is currently set up. We are committed to creating a nutrition system that is easy to follow in daily life.

Take an active role in improving your health and lowering disease risk. Join us in the journey of achieving a balanced and healthy nutrition and a state of optimal health for all. Review our Products Section to learn more.

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