Our Views

Let food be thy medicine.


We believe that nutrition can prevent most diseases and enhance health, vitality, and longevity. Proper nutrition requires lipids, antioxidants, phytochemicals, vitamins, minerals, proteins, and carbohydrates in the right context. Randomly adding one or two nutrients as supplements can result in imbalances and can even be detrimental. Research shows that people are engaged and motivated to improve their health and prevent illnesses via nutrition, but they do not have the right tools because of the complexity. We are committed to providing easy to follow solutions.

Lipids are the most important nutrients we consume, but also the most dangerous. Lipids constitute 40% of our caloric consumption but are responsible for 80% of the health problems in our society. Large bodies of scientific evidence indicate that lipid imbalances are associated with numerous medical conditions since they form critical cell-membrane components, regulate genes, and are precursors of hormones and other bioactive compounds. Lipids are consumed as oils, butters, nuts and seeds. These sources have additional potent nutrients besides lipids, which can be harmful in excess. Therefore, managed consumption of lipids has a broad-reaching prevention potential and is better than alleviating symptoms through expensive and often painful measures.

Tailoring or personalization is the key to optimal nutrition, since requirements for different people vary by many factors. When sensitive nutrients such as lipids are tailored by diet, age, gender, and other factors, this reduces the chance of imbalanced nutrition and disease progression. Further benefit is achieved when foods complementing the tailored lipids are consumed, which contain nutrients that have been selected or not selected to complement the tailored lipids.

We believe in you. Consumers are responsible individuals, who take charge of their health when given clear guidance. Our goal is to remove the confusion from nutrition science, and provide effective solutions that seamlessly integrate with your busy lives.

We believe in creating shared values with our customers, business partners, and the communities we operate in.