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Lipids (fats) constitute 20-40% of calories but are associated with 80% of health problems and the related social burden. Tailored consumption of lipids can promote long-term health and vitality. Find out how LipiLife delivers tailored lipids and micronutrients for daily life.

Making sense of nutritional fundamentals and complexity to design nutritional modules that perfectly fit each other and keep the consumer in safe range of nutrient consumption. Lipids are the most sensitive nutrients and easiest to pre-calibrate. We design lipid formulations with your dietary preferences and demographic factors in perspective, and then design complementing low-lipid nutritional modules.

Nutritional Fundamentals

Nutritional Fundamentals

Learn about lipids, phytochemicals, and antioxidants – the important nutrients contained in LipiLife and other products from Asha Nutrition Sciences.

Complement Jars

Low-Lipid Complements

LipiLife Complements were developed for consumption in addition to the daily-recommended amount of LipiLife. LipiLife Complements contain almost no fat and nutrients contained are selected to complement LipiLife and your preferences.

Nutritional Complexity

Nutritional Complexity

Learn more about the complexity that currently exists in nutrition and why it can be harmful. How can consumers determine and consume the exact amount of nutrients they need?