Low-Lipid Complements

Low-Lipid Complements are designed for use with LipiLife. The modules are manufactured and marked so that when they are consumed together, they keep consumers in the safe dosage range of sensitive nutrients. Low compliance yields health benefits but benefits are incremental with greater compliance.

Complement Jars


Our first focus is to provide you with low-lipid substitutes for foods that typically contain high amounts of lipids such as sauces, spreads, dressings, and condiments. These can be easily used with LipiLife without worrying about lipid overdose.


Milks and Yogurts

Milks and yogurts are typically another source of high amounts of lipids. Although law-fat products are available on the market, but choosing among them also can be complex. Completely fat-free products can be devoid of important fat-soluble nutrients. We are working towards providing you with effective yogurt and milk modules.



Fruit and energy drinks have been in the vogue, but a concern about excessive and the same kind of antioxidants and phytochemicals delivery has motivated us to develop alternate solutions for your health. Updates coming soon.


Culinary Packs

Whole grains, legumes, and herbs are sources of some powerful micronutrients. We like the emphasis on these foods, but we’d like to bring you ready-to-cook culinary packs that don’t overdose you. Look for updates soon.


Prepared Meals

For the days when you are too tired, rushed, or just want to take it easy you can reach for our prepared meals designed to complement your personal LipiLife. Look for updates soon.