LipiLife Usage Guide

How to use LipiLife

Your personal LipiLife bottle comes with a 1oz. (30mL) and a 2oz. (60mL) vial. You can use the 2oz. vial to measure your daily amount of LipiLife. The vials can be placed on your dining table or can be taken with you to your daily activities. Gently shake vials before consuming LipiLife.

LipiLife can be added to your soups, stews, pasta, drinks, salads, and other foods just as it is. It can also be consumed with LipiLife Low-Lipid and Lipid-Free Complements.

Although your entire daily serving can be consumed at one time, it is recommended that you consume it with meals three times a day or more in approximately equal amounts for best results.


It is recommended that you ease into the LipiLife program with one-fourth of the daily LipiLife dosage, and proportionately reduce your regular lipid (fat) intake. Although the lipid dosage in LipiLife has been tailored for you, but if you have a lipid imbalance or are in compromised health when you begin the program, mild physiological disturbances may be noticed, such as dusty feeling when breathing, muscle cramps, headache, acid reflux, or heart burn. Slowly increase the LipiLife dosage to the recommended levels if you do not notice any such symptoms or when the symptoms subside, and proportionately reduce your other lipid intake. If you notice pain in the chest or left arm, or have asthmatic feeling then stop LipiLife immediately and consult your doctor. Depending on your health status, sometimes the benefits will be immediately apparent but sometimes it can take 4-8 weeks to adjust to the LipiLife program and start noticing the benefits.

How much LipiLife should I consume?

The daily recommended serving size can be found on the back of your LipiLife bottle. Serving sizes are designed so that you can consume some fat from milk, yogurt, eggs, meat, and fish based on your diet type. Your daily caloric consumption or requirement for fat may be high or low based on your body size, activity level, and preference. You can increase your serving sizes per day, but with an awareness of how it affects your total fat and caloric consumption. The following table is provided to assist you:

What if I stop using LipiLife or deviate from the recommended program?

There is an allowance for some fat consumption outside of the program based on you dietary preferences. Because meat-based diets are inherently high in fat your LipiLife dosage is smaller and outside fat allowance is higher. You may notice your health benefits increase along with your level of compliance with the program; but partial use of LipiLife will still improve health. See chart below.


Dining out

Consider dining at restaurants that offer fat-free foods, or order foods without fat or dressing. You can also consider ordering fruits or fruit-based desserts such as sorbets.

Cooking without oil

LipiLife should not be heated or used for frying and consuming other oils should be avoided because LipiLife provides most of your required fats and lipids. Use oil free baking and broiling techniques to cook meats and seafood and use an iron skillet to dry-roast spices and onions. Add spices and onions to food after it has been cooked.

What supplements can be taken with LipiLife?

A low dose multi-vitamin and mineral supplement can be used with LipiLife. Consuming high dosages of vitamins, minerals, and/or herbs is not recommended.

Usage Guide Chart

Vegetable Enthusiast Women Vegetable Enthusiast Men Seafood Enthusiast Women Seafood Enthusiast Men Meat Enthusiast Women Meat Enthusiast Men
Daily Calorie Recommendations* 2000 2600 2000 2600 2000 2600
% Daily Fat Recommendations 20-35% 20-35% 20-35% 20-35% 20-35% 20-35%
Daily Fat Recommendations 44-78g 58-101g 44-78g 58-101g 44-78g 58-101g
Fat provided by LipiLife 45g 55g 41g 50g 37g 41g
Daily fat to be consumed through other foods 0-33g 3-46g 3-37g 8-51g 7-41g 17-60g

* Caloric recommendations are based on 41-45 years of age, moderately active women and men, per the 2010 Dietary Guidelines for Americans.