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The purchase of any of the products listed in the table below includes a limited, nontransferable license under specific claims of one or more corresponding U.S. patent(s) listed next to such product and foreign counterparts thereof.

Product Name Covered By One or More of the Following Patents Jurisdiction Status

Tailored Lipids & Micronutrients
Low-lipid or Lipids Free Complements

Lipid-containing Compositions and Methods of Use Thereof

Int. Publication No. WO 2009/131939 A9

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United States of America Allowed 13/332,251
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Malaysia Granted MY-157040-A
New Zealand Granted 589357 & 602820
Philippines Allowed 1-2010-502568
Singapore Granted 165822
Sri Lanka Advancing 16035
Ukraine Pending 201013712
Tailored Lipids & Micronutrients
Tailored Nutritional Modules

Optimized Nutritional Formulations, Methods for Selection of Tailored Diets Therefrom, and Methods of Use Thereof

Int. Publication No. WO 2012/051591 A2

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Malaysia Pending
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Singapore Pending
Sri Lanka Pending
Thailand Pending
Ukraine Pending