Scientific Publications

The medical and scientific thought leaders at Asha Nutrition Sciences have utilized the results of years of research to develop tailored nutritional products. We have catalogued publications from Asha’s thought leaders as well as many others that demonstrate the differences in nutritional needs by cohorts and the importance of tailoring the lipids and micronutrients contained in LipiLife and complementary products.

Gender Differences in Nutritional Needs

Men and women have different nutritional needs, particularly the ability to metabolize fat.


Effect of Total Fat Consumption on Health and Fatty Acid Metabolism

Total dietary fat intake has a significant effect on fatty acid metabolism and is an important factor in determination of how much of which fatty acids should be consumed. For example, it was a widely held assumption that monounsaturated fatty acids (olive oils) are heart healthy, but this is too simplistic.


Diet Type Differences in Nutritional Needs

Different diets affect the human physiology in different ways. For example, people who eat fish need fewer of certain vitamins and sterols than those who eat primarily meat or vegetables.


Effect of Antioxidants on Health and Fatty Acid Metabolism

Antioxidants can change fatty acids metabolism and are harmful in excess. At low levels lipid peroxidation can exert beneficial effects, but at high level it may lead to pathological disorders and diseases.

Das Books

Polyunsaturated Fatty Acids (PUFA) in Health and Disease

Research on health effects of PUFA is abundant and scientists at Asha are very significant contributors in this field. Asha’s Chief Medical Officer and Chairman of the Scientific Advisory Board, Dr. Undurti N. Das, is a thought leader in this field and has published 450 scientific papers and three books.