Creating a Sustainable Nutrition and Health System

Most diseases manifest as a result of nutritional imbalances and we address the root cause of that problem with tailored products that provide the necessary nutrients for all individuals. The use of random additives and supplements is not sustainable. It subjects us to perpetually playing a catch-up game to make up for the imbalances created. Strong nutrients can be harmful in either direction, too little or too much.

Pre-formulating lipids and micronutrients by cohorts, then formulating bulky and perishable foods in complementing modules is a novel design and has the long-term potential. Lipids have longer shelf life than fruits, vegetables and meats for example. Lipids can be easily pre-calibrated by cohorts.

Managing nutrition by cohorts gives us the ability to make big improvements in health. Among many benefits, it reduces the probability of diseases from acculturation (diseases that occur due to relocating and adopting dietary patterns that are unsuitable for one’s own chemistry). A nutrition system so designed has the potential of lasting into centuries to come.

Our approach to bringing new innovations to market is sustainable as we use nutrients in natural form and limit our waste products. Our decisions are made in the context of our strong code of ethics and commitment to conserving the environment and using only the resources we absolutely need.